Since the founding of the company, ultrasonic tooling systems have been part of the core of our competence. Based on ultrasonic assisted tooling systems, such as the cutting edge UTS2, direct diamond turning of stainless steel is enabled. The UTS has been continuously improved since its existence, making it the most successful and technologically most advanced system of its kind. Other products based on ultrasonic assistance were established as well, like a rotating ultrasonic system for grinding and milling. We offer our competence to develop and commercialize ultrasonic systems tailored to specific demands.


The Ultrasonic Tooling System

The 100 kHz ultrasonic system UTS2 from son-x enables direct ultra-precision machining of stainless steel with no geometric restrictions. A surface quality Ra of around 1 nm and a dimensional accuracy PV of 100 nm is feasible. The UTS2 operates at a unique frequency of 100 kHz, so that maximum efficiency is combined with precision. With this innovative process, steel alloys, invar and some types of glass can be cut directly with single crystal diamond tools. The classic application is optical mould manufacturing for injection or glass moulding.

Frequency 100 kHz

Amplitude 2 µm

Tool overhang > 50 mm

Micro height adjustment

Roughness < 3 nm

PV < 100 nm

Freeform machining possible


Spindle System

Processing with ultrasonic assistance offers outstanding advantages in grinding, milling and drilling of difficult-to-process materials (glass, ceramic, composites…). For this purpose, son-x offers complete spindle systems including ultrasonic tool holders to enhance existing production environments. The ultrasonic vibration is realized with specially developed ultrasonic actuators, adapted for respective machining tasks, boosting productivity and quality.

Frequency 20 - 40 kHz

Amplitude +-10 µm

Applications Ceramics, CFRP

Spindle Speed 30.000 rpm or higher

Tool interface HSK or other

System Engineering

Ultrasonic assistance is a promising approach to enhance the performance of machining processes. Like in diamond turning or grinding of difficult-to-cut materials, in many cases it is the superposition by ultrasonic motion which enables the manufacturing process. son-x offers custom made solutions for ultrasonic machining applications for all fields of engineering. Starting with a detailed analysis of the problem to be solved, son-x covers the entire chain from the design to ready-to-use prototype systems and the commercial production of them.


FEM Analytics

Vibration Measurements


Serial Production