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son-x is a dynamic high-tech company with its headquarter in Aachen, Germany. The privately held company was founded in the year 2011 as a spin-off from Fraunhofer. The core of the founding was the commercialization of the ultrasonic assisted diamond turning process. This unique technology has successfully been implemented in industrial environments all over the world, pushing the boundaries in optics production since the beginning. Based on our desire to continuously improve our products and services we now offer several systems based on ultrasonic technology.

Since 2013 we have established a state of the art ultra precision optics manufacturing environment which is continuously growing based on our customer’s demands. Next to the systems manufacturing, precision optics production is the second business field of son-x. Our vision is to bundle top level engineering competence to continuously push the limits in optics and their manufacturing.

Founded in 2011

Top level engineering competence

Unique ultrasonic systems

Best in class optics manufacturing


Management Team

The company is founded and owned by Dr. Benjamin Bulla and Dr. Olaf Dambon. Both mechanical engineers formed at the RWTH Aachen university and PhD’s at Fraunhofer. The business field of Precision Optics is lead by Dr. Marius Doetz, who has the same scientific background from RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer. M.Sc. Clemens Dicke is heading the business field of Systems, with a background in mechatronics and a master thesis at Fraunhofer in Aachen.

The management team is formed by dynamic minds and highly skilled engineering power that allow the company to grow and evolve the way it has since its start. We never stop learning and are passionate about ultra precision technology and optics.

Dr. Benjamin Bulla

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Bulla

Managing Director
Dr.-Ing. Olaf Dambon

Dr.-Ing. Olaf Dambon

Managing Director
M.SC. Clemens Dicke

M.Sc. Clemens Dicke

Head of son-x systems
Dr.Ing. Marius Doetz

Dr.-Ing. Marius Doetz

Head of son-x precision


Ultra precision manufacturing is in the blood of all members of the son-x team. We strive to offer the best technology and the highest quality. In the manufacturing of optics we can offer multi axis machining of highly complex surfaces. We control up to 5 axis ultra precision machines with air bearing spindles and linear motors to producing best in class products. The maximum size that we can machine is 1 meter in diameter.

The manufacturing of difficult to cut materials is tackled with our unique ultrasonic assisted process, that allows direct machining of steel with single crystal diamond tools. These systems as well as other ultrasonic systems are developed and offered by son-x.

The competence in system design for ultrasonic frequency motion is the core for the success of our optics production and our systems.

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Markets & Applications

The markets and applications differ depending on the business field of son-x.

Precision Optics is dedicated to make optical parts. Our high precision mirrors are used in space, astronomy, lasers, science and semiconductor industry. The mould inserts target the moulding application with main markets in automotive lighting, AR/VR, consumer electronics and ophthalmic. Plastic lenses mostly are prototypes for these industries. Whereas the infrared lenses are applied in sensing and defense applications.

System targets markets that want to machine difficult-to-cut materials. The industries targeting optical mould insert manufacturing in durable stainless steel are mainly consumer electronics, automotive lighting and ophthalmic. The application of other ultrasonic assisted processes is in the field of aerospace and 3D printing.

Working with son-x

Working with us often starts off with an idea, a sketch or a plan of the products to be produced. For example it can be either an optical component as well as a system based on ultrasonic technology. Following the idea, we discuss the possible course of action with you in order to achieve the desired result. Son-x is a dynamic high-tech company and we will accompany the process through the design phase, the manufacturing as well as the verification.

Usually, iterations are necessary to reach the final goal. We have long term experience in these processes and will assure an efficient project management with a transparent communication.

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