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Ultra precision manufacturing is our passion. We produce tailored optical components and sub systems. Our specialization is on high quality mirrors for space, semiconductor, lasers and science applications. The company son-x is a dynamic high-tech company with its headquarter in Aachen, Germany. The privately held company was founded in the year 2011 as a spin-off from Fraunhofer. Our staff has many years of experience in ultra high precision manufacturing of optical components. We look forward to meeting you at Space Expo USA and presenting our technology to you.

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May 13 – 15, 2024
Long Beach Convention Center
California USA

What to expect on our Booth

Mirrors for Space

Mirrors for space have the most demanding requirements with regards to their performance, but also with regards to their handling, cleanliness (ISO 5), verification and documentation. We at son-x focus on this special application and have setup our production with all required steps to tackle the specific demands of this industry.

Our efficient manufacturing and long experience in making mirrors and telescopes enables us to efficiently manufacture precision mirrors in a cost-effective way, especially when higher quantity is required.

Space Optics


Ultra Precision Mirrors

Next to their outstanding optical quality, ultra precision metal mirrors have many other positive properties. Most important are high precision positioning features that are well aligned to the optical coordinate system and that can be integrated into the mirror’s structure with micrometer precision. Light weight mirrors with on axis or off axis geometries and even freeform surfaces are efficiently produced at son-x up to 1000 mm in diameter. The efficient manufacturing and scalability makes metal mirrors highly interesting for space applications requiring higher volumes.

Space Optics






Precision Optics Manufacturing

Accurate manufacturing of optical components from design to verification is the focus of the versatile manufacturing environment of son-x. Several ultra precision machines form the heart of our production chain for ultra high precision optical components and sub systems. We are specialized in high precision mirrors for space and semiconductor applications.
Additionally, with our unique technology of ultrasonic assisted machining, which son-x has developed and commercialized since 2011, we produce stainless steel, Inconel or Invar components in optical quality.


Mould Inserts

Plastic Lenses

Infrared Lenses

Optics Engineering


Infrared Lenses

Demanding applications such as defense require ultra high precision optics made of crystal materials like Silicon, Germanium or Zinc-Sulfide, among others. Son-x delivers these diamond turned optics in a variety of geometries ranging from apsheres, diffractives, freeforms and lens arrays. We guarantee maximum confidentiality and 100% made in Germany.



Optics Engineering

Take advantage of our expertise in ultra precision technology and accurate manufacturing of optical components. Our team of experts supports you in the development of prototype optics and optical systems as well as in the intelligent design of your components improving feasibility and accuracy versus costs. The link between design and accurate manufacturing of optical components is often missing in the optics development. Son-x will close this link for you and make your product successful.

Prototype Lenses

Feasibility Studies

Mould Insert Design

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