Son-x precision

Ultra-precision machining is our passion.
In addition to the processing systems, we offer our manufacturing expertise as a service.
For this we use 5-axis ultra-precision machines which represent the latest state of the art. With these machines and our unique technology, we are able to manufacture complex component geometries with the highest levels of accuracy, directly in steel or other materials.

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Core competencies

We have years of experience in the field of ultra-precision processing technology. Manufacturing-oriented component design, customized programming and process control are some of our core competencies.




Markets and applications

At son-x precision, the focus of activities is on ultra-precision manufacturing technology. As such, this results in a variety of applications. The main application is the optical mold for the manufacturing of plastic optics, e.g. for LED lighting and automobile headlights. Mirrors, plastic prototypes and precision components complement the range.




Working with us

Working with us starts off with an idea, a sketch or a plan of the parts to be produced. Following this, we discuss the possible course of action with you in order to arrive at the desired result. We will demonstrate a typical case study for you.




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